During the past almost 2 years Shaman Spirits has invested almost 2 Million Euros in renewing and expanding its production facilities to match the growing market needs. The distillery has been equipped with additional storage, completely renovated production hall, additional mixing tanks in the capacity of 150.000 litres and renewed loading docks to ease out increasing truck traffic. These investments will increase our production capacity from 1 Million bottles to 5 million bottles a year, in one shift, and enable a turnover up to 30 Million Euros.

This year’s sales growth has been continuing as expected and our target is to exceed 2 Million Euros in turnover. We have been making major efforts in order to achieve this target and are happy to announce a Joint Venture with a local import company in Singapore. In addition to Singapore this JV includes a distribution agreement covering Taiwan, Hong Kong, South-Korea, Vietnam, China, Japan, India, Australia and New Zealand. This area inhibits more than 3 Billion people, so the market potential is enormous.

In Europe, on the other hand, as of now a Finnish-owned company called Team Blue will be acting as a distributor in Germany. Team blue is expanding its business from water to alcoholic beverages.

In Russia, Shaman Spirits is preparing an agreement with one of the biggest food chains in the country.

Shaman’s share trading will begin at www.privanet.fi on Tuesday the 30th at 10am.