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Shaman Spirits was founded in 1998 and began distilling soon at the turn of the century. From the beginning the main vision was to be a boutique-like distillery which is known for its product quality.

Shaman Spirits’ story begins as early as the late 1800’s, when Finland was still a part of the Russian Empire ruled by Alexander II.

On February 18th 1860, a local potato farmer called Juhan Matinolli was granted an official distillation permit for the premises known today as Shaman Spirits. According to the original signed permit – which can still be found at the factory’s offices – the farmers were allowed to use distillation pans in the size of up to 46 cans, and a can at the time was 0,5 l.

After a long period of going back and forth with its alcohol policy, the government set a prohibition law, which took effect in Finland June 1st 1917, about 5 months before the independence declaration. The law prohibited everyone from producing alcohol except the State’s own Alcohol Institute, which was permitted to distill alcohol only for medical purposes.

Free the spirit – The end of Prohibition and restrictions.

Prohibition ended April 5th 1932, after which alcohol production and retail was a strict State Monopoly up until the beginning of 1995, when Finland joined to be a part of the European Union. Finally, after being accepted to the EU, the State allowed private distillation companies, which allowed Jari Matinolli, a local potato farmer and a direct descendant of the original permit holder, to initiate the creation of Shaman Spirits Ltd, as it is known until this very day.

Shaman Spirits was founded in 1998, and began distilling soon at the turn of the century.


The thing that most people often seem to forget is the fact that the main ingredient (60%) in vodka is water. Even the name “vodka” is derived from the Russian word “voda”, which means water. In other words, the thing that makes the biggest difference to the quality of vodka is the quality of the water. Having said that, we believe we are in possession of probably the purest and cleanest groundwater in the world.

The Soul of the Spirit is the water from beneath.

This pure and clear groundwater from Lake Hirsijärvi that we use was formed in a unique environment. The water has gone through the best possible purification process, starting from rainwater filtrating into an esker. The esker was formed about 11,000 years ago in a glacial meltwater tunnel that was part of the continental ice sheet during the Ice Age. It climbs from the coast of the Bothnian Bay, meanders through the Rokua Geopark landscape and runs hundreds of kilometres to the Southeast.

Rainwater gets filtered and purified through thick sand layers that are thousands of years old, and is then stored in the esker’s core. This groundwater is the soul of our vodkas.

The sand in the region is an excellent natural water cleaner, because it was once washed by ice-cold glacial meltwater. The stored, very cold and clean water flows slowly towards the north-west of Rokua and then discharges naturally into low-lying places. The slowly-moving water stays fresh and is flavoured with elements and compounds from the bedrock below. The bedrock represents an almost two billion-year-old mountain range that has eroded away over time. These natural purification processes cannot be reproduced by synthetic treatments, and this water does not require any post-processing or additives.


There are experienced professionals behind the company. Passion, innovation and solid knowledge of the industry are combined in a unique manner that enables high quality production. We weren’t born yesterday. The heritage of the distillery is respected with seasoned experts running the business.

Esa Leimi

Esa Leimi

Founder, Partner

“When we founded Shaman Spirits in 1998 we didn’t shoot for the stars. Instead we believed in learning by doing. We though that learning to do things by ourselves right from the beginning is the only way to success. There are no shortcuts – only hard work. One has to admit that things haven’t always gone the way we first planned but as I look back to those challenges we have overcome I find myself smiling. Without the harships we wouldn’t be who we are, we wouldn’t be here.”

Ilpo Sulkala

Ilpo Sulkala

International Sales, Founder, Partner

“We don’t have to be the biggest or the loudest. We at Shaman Spirits want to be recognized for manufacturing drinks that are known for their unique taste. Drinks, that you want to return to. Drinks that evoke memories and desires. Good simply isn’t enough for me, I seek for excellence.

Because we are a booze factory we must also be aware of our responsibilities. We are liable for our customers, the society and the environment.”



Aidolla hautatervalla maustettu
kotimainen likööri

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Aidolla salmiakilla maustettu
kotimainen likööri

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Black Label

Pehmeä ja puhdas vodka
ensiluokkaisesta viljatisleestä

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Persoonallinen makuvodka tuoreista kotimaisista punaviinimarjoista

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Tuoreista suomalaisista puolukoista valmistettu monikäyttöinen makuvodka

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Pehmeä ja paahteinen
makuvodka, josta löytyy
aidot kahvin aromit

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Tuoreista suomalaisista metsämustikoista valmistettu marjaisa makuvodka

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Shaman Spirits kasvuhanke: Uudet henget / The New Spirits

EU-Ohjelma: Kestävää kasvua ja työtä 2014 – 2020 – Suomen rakennerahasto-ohjelma. EURA 2014-hankekoodi A76722.

Kasvuhankkeen tavoitteena on luoda yhtiölle uusi tuotemerkki yhtiön toiminimeen liittyen kansainvälisille alkoholijuomamarkkinoille. Hankkeen toimenpiteet liittyvät uuden tuoteperheen luomiseen aitojen kotimaasta saatavien luonnon raaka-aineiden hyväksikäyttöön, tehtaan tuotantolinjastojen monipuolistamiseen, asiakaspalveluiden kehittämiseen ja kansainvälistymiseen. Toimenpiteiden tuloksena pyritään merkittävään viennin ja myynnin kasvuun, yhtiön tuotantolinjastojen, asiakasprosessien kehittämiseen ja tuotteiden virtaviivastamiseen. Hankkeen tuloksena syntyvät uudet kotimaisista raaka-aineista valmistetut tuotteet kansainvälisille markkinoille ja tehokkaammat tuotantoja asiakaspalveluprosessit.

The goal of the growth project is to create a new brand for the company in connection with the company's business name in connection with the international alcoholic beverage market. The measures of the project are related to the creation of a new product family for the utilization of authentic domestic raw materials, the diversification of the factory's production lines, the development of customer services and internationalization. As a result of the measures, significant growth in exports and sales, development of the company's production lines, customer processes and streamlining of products will be aimed at. The project will result in new products made from domestic raw materials for the international market and more efficient production and customer service processes.

Shaman Spirits tuotekehityshanke 2020 – 2021

EU-Ohjelma: Kestävää kasvua ja työtä 2014 – 2020 – Suomen rakennerahasto-ohjelma. EURA 2014-hankekoodi A76120.

Hankkeen tavoitteena on makuvodkien reseptiikan kehittäminen vastaamaan potentiaalisten vientimaiden lainsäädäntöä, tuotteiden ainesosien muuttaminen luontaisiin makuaineisiin sekä marjavodkien sisältämien ravintoaineiden säilyvyyden tutkiminen. Tuotekehitystyön tuloksena kansainvälistä vientiä voidaan kasvattaa sekä tuotteiden ominaisuuksia kehittää myynnin kasvattamiseksi ja markkinoinnin tukemiseksi.

Shaman Spirits product development project aims to make the product compliant to new markets. The actions of the project include development of the recipes, replacing artificial ingredients with natural ingredients, and research focusing on how the nutrients are preserved in alcoholic beverages. As a result, the scope of international sales increases and the features of the product support differentiation in the market.


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